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Caustic Soda
Sodium hydroxide
Molecular formula:NaOH
Molecular weight:40.00
CAS No.:1310-73-2
Property:White translucent flakes or crystals, easily soluble in water, highly hygroscopic and highly corrosive.
Usage:Caustic soda is a basic chemical raw material and is widely used. 
It is widely used in chemical manufacturing, papermaking, aluminum refining, tungsten refining, rayon and soap manufacturing industries. 
With the development of the times, flake alkali is widely used in the desulfurization of boilers and desulfurization equipment, etc. 
It can be used as an alkaline cleaning agent in the water treatment industry and can be used to adjust the pH value of water.
Packing:In 25kg plastic woven bag / 1200kg IBC drum or ISO Tank.