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Molecular formula:C3H6N6
Molecular weight:126.12
CAS No.:108-78-1
Property:White monoclinic crystal. It is non-flammable and has stable property in normal temperature. Melting point is 354℃. Its water solution is slightly alkaline and can react with hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid and oxalic acid etc. to form melamine salts. It is dangerous for human body, can not be used for food.

1. Melamine is a widely used basic organic chemical products, the main use is as a production of melamine formaldehyde resin (MF) of raw materials, the resin hardness higher than urea formaldehyde resin, non-flammable, water resistance, ageing resistance, arc resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, good insulation performance, glossiness, and mechanical strength, widely used in wood, plastic, paper making, textile, leather, electrical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

2. Melamine can also be flame retardant, cleaner water reducing agent, formaldehyde etc. 
3. Laminates.
4. Treatment Resin For Paper.
5. Resin for lacquer Paints.
6. Adhesives.
7. Melamine Resin for Textile Auxiliaries.
8. Leather Chemical.

Packing:In 25kgs Bag/ 500kgs Bag/1000kgs Bag.