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Potassium Formate
Molecular formula:CHKO2
Molecular weight:84.12
CAS No.:590-29-4

1. Liquid product is colorless and transparent, density of saturated solution is 1.58 g/cm3.

2. Solid product is white crystal, strong moisture-absorbing performance, reducing, density 1.91g/cm3, easily soluble in water, non-toxic and non-corrosive.


1. As road snow-melting agent.
2. Oil field industry as drilling fluid with excellent performance; widely used in completion fluid in oil field.
3. As the camouflage acid in the leather industry.
4. As coagulator in cement or used in the manufacture of carbon black.
5. Reducing agent in printing and dyeing industry.
6. Leaf fertilizer and other industries.

Packing:Liquid product in 1570kg or 1650kg IBC; solid product in 25kg bag or 1000kg jumbo bag.