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Sodium Humate
CAS No.:68131-04-4
Property:Black powder or granule or flake, pH 8-11, it'll transfer to HA colloid when put it in acid solution.

1. Animal Husbandry & Aquaculture: As feed additive, veterinary drugs ingredients, or pond water treatment.

2. Agriculture: Used as plant growth stimulant, soil ameliorant and fertilizer promoter; Also used for plant disease control and pest control.
3. Industry: Mainly used as ceramic slurry additive and synergist, boiler scale inhibitor combined with Soda Ash, fluid loss and viscosity reducing agent for petroleum drilling, mineral flotation organic inhibitors, cementing agent for pulverized coal shaping, the early strength concrete super plasticizer, wastewater treatment agent, ion exchanger, soft water colorings.
P.S.: For specific usage and dosage, please consult our company.

1.In plastic woven bag or complex paper bag , lined with PE bag, 25kgs or 20kgs net each; 

2.In jumbo bag, 1000kgs net each.