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Cobalt Sulphate
Cobalt Sulfate
Molecular formula:CoSO4.7H2O
Molecular weight:281.10
CAS No.:10026-24-1
Property:Brown-yellow red crystal, soluble in water and methanol, slightly soluble in ethanol, easily weathered in the air
Usage:It mainly used to manufacture other cobalt salts, also used as the drying agent for painting, cobalt pigment, additive of alkaline or lithium batteries and electroplating.
Packing:In 25kg sealed plastic woven bag lined with plastic bag.

Items Specification
Assay (As Co) 20.5% Min.
Insoluble matter in water 0.02% Max.
Ni 0.001% Max.
Fe 0.001% Max.
Mg 0.001% Max.
Na 0.002% Max.
Mn 0.001% Max.
Zn 0.001% Max.
Cu 0.001% Max.
As 0.001% Max.
Pb 0.001% Max.
Cr 0.02% Max.