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Chrome Lignosulphonate
Property:Blackish brown powder Chrome lignosulphonate is a specially prepared thinner used in drilling fluids. It has the characteristics of anti-high temperature, anti-electrolyte etc. It is mainly suitable to deep well drilling that geological situation is complicated and electrolyte is higher. 

1. Stability in high temperature. After 16 hours the performance mud has no change at high temperature between 150-160 degree centigrade.

2. Characteristics of anti-salt. Its performance in 4 % salt-base mud is better than FCLS's.

3. Rate of dilution. It is better than FCLS's in same mud.

4. It can reduce the filtrate loss of mud, and has powerful-electrolytes capacity. It is suitable to all kinds of mud.Application directly adding the product into mud in the form of solution powder first, the PH of base mud was adjusted above 10, then mixed mud’s PH between 9.5-10.5.


1.Net each in 25kg plastic woven bag,lined with PE bag.

2.Net each in 25kg kraft paper bag,lined with PE bag.



Blackish brown powder

Insoluble matter in water

2.5% Max


8.5% Max

Total Ca and Mg as CaSO4

3.0% Max

Total Cr




Cr complex

75% Min